DC Cider Fest
This was a group project done in collaboration with Bailey George.

The purpose of the project was to come up with an Ad Campaign that would drum up tourism in DC in collaboration with the Metro. We decided to create a Cider and Beer festival that takes place in the Fall.

We wanted the design to have a handmade quality to it. So we mixed and matched typography to emulate working with a mismatched set of woodblock type. We tried to use textures and type that would give off the feeling of an imperfect stamp. 

I designed the logo, two woodblock typefaces, the sidewalk ad, the SmarTrip cards, and assisted with the mockups. My teammate spearheaded the rest of the deliverables. 

Print Ad

Bus Stop Ad

Bus Ad

Sidewalk Decal Ad

Digital Ads

Right to Repair PSA

Print Ad 1

Print Ad 2

Landing Page

guerrilla tactic 1

guerrilla tactic 2

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