This page contains my work in Menu Design, Package Design, Editorial Design, and Annual Reports.
Menu Design
Backroom Bourbon:
Upscale Bar Drink Menu

Havabite Eatery: 
Menu redesign/rebrand project. The goal was to make a 1-Star menu look 5-Star.

This is the menu I decided to rebrand. The logo is confusing and the typography and hierarchy are a mess.

Main Menu Front

Main Menu with opened "Vanity flap"

Main Menu Opened

Main Menu Back

Wine Menu Insert Front

Wine Menu Insert Back

Take Out Menu Inside

Take Out Menu Exterior

Editorial Design
Bite & Board:
This was a collaborative project where we had to come up with a magazine from scratch. I had the role of editor and was in charge of standardizing master pages, style sheets, and proofreading my peer's work. I also assisted with the design of the cover and collaborated with the masthead's design.

Popular Mechanics:
A solo rebrand project

My department layout design

My Feature article: Finding Foodie Bliss in Lisbon

Alternate Cover 1

Alternate Cover 2

Final Cover

Table of Contents

Department: In the Know

Feature Article: Starlink

Annual Reports
Providing Hope:
Webjet Limited:

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