The goal of this project was to develop a product and package design that utilized sustainable materials in a collaborative environment. 

We decided to design a sketchbook kit that minimizes packaging materials and ink usage. The materials would also be disposable and biodegradable. We came up with the idea to make the Sketchbook part of the exterior packaging. It would feature three perforated pull tabs that, when removed, would reveal the book and the supplies within. 

The book's interior would feature a pencil compartment with five artist's pencils and enough headroom to store longer pencils if the consumer had a particular affinity for another brand. It also would feature a slot for a small paper box with an aluminum pencil sharpener attached to it to catch any loose shavings. The slot would feature a hole in the box's exterior wall so that the pencils can be sharpened while the book is closed. Above the pencil sharpener would sit a slot for blending stumps. There would be two final compartments for an eraser and a paper ruler with space for additional supplies. An outer sleeve protects the product to prevent damage while on store shelves.

When the user has completed the sketchbook, a pull tab can be removed which separates the compartment from the book's binding. The compartment can then be reused as a drawer organizer. 

For this project, I was tasked with developing the final die line and creating the prototypes. My team focused on branding and the surface designs of the product.

The Design Process
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